Our Remuneration Policy

The TBYW Board:
As stated in Article 5.5 of the Statutes, the Board members do not receive remuneration for their work.  The definition of remuneration, does however not include reasonable reimbursement of expenses incurred for the benefit of the Foundation nor does it include non-excessive attendance-fee. All fees paid to Board members are recorded as such and elucidated in the financial statements.

The Full-Time Ambassadors:
The Foundation’s hierarchy is fluid and members are valued according to their time investment. Only ambassadors contributing more than 20 hours per week qualify for a salary. Since we believe everyone’s time is worth the same, regardless of the role they are in, all paid employees receive the same salary. This salary which amounts to € 2169.- gross per month for a 40 hour work-week, has been established by taking 90% of the weighted average market salary for people working in education, as a caterer, manager. Moreover, Full-Time Food Ambassadors are reimbursed all expenses incurred for the benefit of the Foundation as well as € 0.19 per km traveled to and from work. There is no set pension plan for employees of the Foundation as we have not yet found a socially and environmentally conscious pension company. Instead, the full-time heroes receive 5% on top of their salary to invest in whatever they find suitable. 


The Part-Time Ambassadors:
Neither interns or volunteers receive remuneration for their work. However, any expenses they make for the benefit of the Foundation are reimbursed, provided that it was agreed upon in advance, and the appropriate documentation for accounting purposes was presented, validated, and accepted.

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